Quick and Easy Recipes

College can be hard and time-consuming, either we stress eat and get the “Freshmen15” or forget to eat at all. No one really notices these bad habits until we’re back home for Thanksgiving and our family members passive-aggressively give their opinions about our health. Let’s quit while we’re ahead! Here are some recipes to help with your diet.

Salmon Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

By Katie Webster

Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or dinner with friends, this is an easy recipe for your taco cravings. Something that you can whip up quickly and still have leftovers that you can easily put in the fridge for the next time, so you won’t have to cook every day. Add your own twist by using your choice of hot sauce or mix it with salad mix when you get tired of tacos

Ahi Poke Bowl

By Parker Feierbach

Poke bowls are a hit and for many reasons. This dish is flavorful, quick and easy, and has a very well balanced flavor. Don’t spend all your money on restaurants when you can make it yourself for cheaper! Base it with rice or salad if you’re avoiding carbs and you can add more toppings as you desire. If you’re not a fan of raw seafood, feel free to cook your seafood, it’s still as satisfying! So, don’t search up ‘Poke Bowl near me’ cause now it’s in your kitchen… or dorm.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

By Seonkyoung Longest

Here’s another easy recipe. Have you ever had PF Chang’s chicken lettuce wrap? Well, this is similar! not only is it restaurant quality, but you can also cook this in about 30 minutes. Such a perfect dish to make when you have a quick gap in between your classes and you have nothing already made.


By Dana

Running out of dinner ideas? You can stick with what you know. As a college student, who isn’t aware of Instant Ramen?! Don’t toss it out. Instead, make it more flavorful and savory. Dana added some fresh ingredients in her recipe that made instant ramen 10x better.

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